Today's glass shower enclosures come in many different styles and prices. You can choose a hinged shower enclosure, a sliding one, or fixed one. When you buy quality glass shower enclosures, they will last for a long time. In addition, glass shower enclosures are very easy to maintain. Just clean them with the same cleaner that you use for your bathroom mirrors. Choose a cleaner that doesn't streak and that will remove water spots. 

The glass shower enclosures that you select for your new house will depend on your own taste and on how much you want to spend. For instance, you might be prepared to spend more money on the shower enclosure for your master bathroom than the one in the guest bathroom or in the children's bathroom.

Here are some suggestions for the enclosures you might select for the master bathroom.

  • Choose an enclosure with clear glass and anodized brushed-bronze blade-style handles.
  • A hinged shower door will add interest to your bathroom design.
  • For a dramatic look, select a frameless fixed glass panel with a black metal border.
  • For real elegance, choose a fixed frosted glass shower screen and a bird with long plumage and flowers as part of the design.

Decide if you want a towel rod for any of the glass enclosures. If you decide on towel rods, choose the same kind of metal that you chose for the hardware on the enclosure. If you select the shower screen with the bird design, a towel rod would detract from the beauty of the screen. In that case, think about buying a standing towel holder to keep close to the shower.

While the design for your master bathroom probably features both a shower and a bathtub, maybe you have decided to have a combination bathtub and shower in the guest bathroom and in your children's bathrooms. In that case, a sliding glass enclosure would be a good choice for each of those bathrooms. Choose chrome or black hardware for a contemporary look. Brass hardware would be perfect for a traditional look. 

For the guest room and the children's bathrooms, think about having towel rods as part of the design of the sliding glass doors. 

When you place your order at the facility where you will be buying the shower enclosures, be sure that the agent understands which bathrooms will be getting the enclosures you have chosen for each bathroom. 

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