When you have your car windshield replaced, make sure a professional does the work with high-quality auto glass. If you don't, then you could end up with some serious problems. Plus, an improperly installed or inferior windshield could contribute to safety issues. Here are some of the problems a poorly installed windshield can give you.

You See Glue on the Outside

Glue is important because it not only keeps the windshield in place, but it also helps seal the windshield. However, you should see very little of it after a professional windshield replacement. If you do see glue, it should be limited to the immediate windshield area, not oozing on your dashboard or squished onto the roof.

You Hear Whistling Sounds

Windshield whistling means that it was not sealed completely or the glass already has cracks. However, it can also mean that the car was driven before the glue was completely dry. Bumps and other movement too soon after a new windshield is installed can affect the outcome of your windshield installation.

Your Windshield Seems Warped

Improperly installed windshields are often not flush with the car's body. Therefore, you may see distortions or "waves" in the glass. This could impact your visibility and the ability of the windshield to protect you. Often, the cause of this problem is either inferior glass or the result of only one person installing the glass. Two people are needed to ensure that both sides of the glass are seated the right way.

Your Car's Heads-Up Display Is Blurry

Some cars have a heads-up display system where you can see metrics like speed, gas mileage, and other important information. This is a safety feature that helps you keep your eye on the road rather than looking down at the dash. However, this feature requires the windshield to be made of quality glass and installed with precision. Otherwise, your display will be blurry.

You Notice Interior Water Leaks

A water leak is another sign that something is wrong with your windshield's seal or you have a crack. You'll likely notice wet spots inside the front of the car after a heavy rain or when you go through an automatic car wash. This problem is not uncommon in very old windshields, but shouldn't be present in a recent installation.

Windshields are an important safety device on your car. Therefore, make sure you have the work done correctly from the beginning. If you try to cut corners by hiring an amateur or by attempting to DIY your windshield installations, then you could end up needing to have the windshield replaced again in the near future. If your old windshield needs to be replaced, then choose professional auto glass installers for best results.

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