Most homeowners tend to overlook their bathrooms when remodeling or renovating their homes. Most of the time, homeowners mainly focus their efforts on the bathroom is when plumbing problems arise. This explains why most bathrooms are not in the best condition, especially when it comes to fixtures. You should normalize checking for minor issues before they get out of hand.

One of the fixtures you should monitor closely is the shower door. Most glass shower doors can last for an extended period, but they can also develop problems. Ignoring such problems can cause accidents or force you to replace the entire shower. The following signs should tell you if it's time to replace your glass shower doors.

Leaks and Puddles

Shower doors should keep water inside the tub whenever you are taking a bath. But if you notice that water is finding its way out of the enclosure, you have got a big problem. It is a clear sign that your shower door has an issue.

Leaks happen when your glass shower door has a crack or doesn't fit. It can either be too big or small to fit perfectly. The only solution is to replace the shower door; otherwise, you'll damage the floor.

Discolored Glass

The main reason for choosing a glass shower door is to allow natural light and make your bathroom look good. Unfortunately, glass can change color over time, and you won't love its new look. In most cases, mineral deposits, soap scum, and hard water stains are the major causes of discolored shower doors.

You can always use cleaners to remove the stains, but some are just too difficult to get rid of. Even if you manage to remove some stains, the discoloration may remain. In that case, you should install a new shower door.

Rust on the Door Frame

Unless you have a frameless shower door, you might want to check the nature of your frame. Metallic frames are prone to corrosion and rust if they get exposed to too much moisture. Of course, this will depend on the finishing that's on the frame. All in all, if you notice the door frame has rust on it, you should get a new shower door before it weakens. Once the frame weakens, it won't support the weight of the glass, causing it to fall and shatter.

Waiting for a shower glass door to fall and shatter to get a new one doesn't make sense. Just look for the signs highlighted above, and you'll know when it's time to replace your shower door. For more information, contact a glass shower door service near you to learn more.