It is possible to repair minor windshield problems without replacing the windshield. However, windshield replacement is necessary if the glass is tampered with or the crack is longer than a dollar bill. You may also want to replace your auto glass if the crack is deep or extends to the edges of the windshield. Needless to say, windshield repairs or replacement is a job best left to an expert.

Here are two reasons to consider professional windshield repair and replacement.

Safety Guarantee

Attempting to replace cracked or dented auto glass by yourself can be risky. The broken shards are sharp and can cause severe cuts to you if you mishandle the glass. In addition, some sections of broken glass could damage other parts of your car if you don't understand how the repair process works.

However, windshield repair experts have personal protective equipment to ensure the job is done safely. These include safety glasses, gloves, and a first aid kit. They also have extensive experience with broken glass and any risks that may come with repairs. This way, they can avoid any accidental damage to your car.

There are specific tools that experts use during a standard windshield replacement. For instance, they could use a molding removal tool that helps them carefully pull out the molding around the glass.

They also have a battery or electric-powered auto glass cutting tool to help them cut around the windshield edge and separate it from the car. Your auto glass expert also uses suction cups to help lift the old glass from the frame. All these steps are crucial to avoid any accidental damage that could result in unnecessary losses.

To Avoid Mismatch

Windshield replacement is more about choosing the right glass type for your car. If you select the wrong size or quality, you risk installing an unstable windshield that could allow water or air into your car. Such a windshield could fall out of position when driving and injure you or pedestrians. 

Auto glass experts have the right skills, and they know which glass type fits your car model. By just looking at your vehicle, they can recommend the perfect windshield. That way, they save you a lot of time and stress that would have come if you tried to perform the repairs or replacements yourself.

Also, replacing damaged auto glass is not a straightforward task and may take many hours and even days if you are doing it yourself. You have to remove the old trim to loosen the windshield, use suction cups to remove the glass, and clean the pinch weld before placing a new windshield.

If you work with an auto glass repair expert, you can have the windshield replaced within the shortest time possible. It may take a few hours for the glass to cure, but you will most likely be back on the road a lot sooner.