Having a custom shower enclosure installed gives you plenty of opportunities to make the shower in your home safer. Custom shower enclosures can offer features that allow those with mobility issues to shower easily and safely.

The following are seven possible safety benefits of custom shower enclosures. 

Non-slip floor surfaces

Non-slip floor surfaces are especially important if you want to maximize the safety of your custom shower enclosures. Non-slip floor surfaces give you firm footing while you and the rest of your household are using the shower. This helps to prevent slip and fall injuries. 

Shower benches

Those with mobility issues that make standing for a while difficult can benefit from being able to sit down on a shower bench while bathing.

Add a shower bench to your custom shower enclosure to enjoy both more comfort and increased safety while showering. Using a shower bench makes showering more relaxing and much easier on muscles and joints. 

Grab bars

Grab bars are handles that are installed in the shower so that the person using the shower can hold on to them for added support and better balance. Grab bars offer more stability to individuals when they're showering and thereby help to prevent falls. 

Thermostatic shower valves

A thermostatic shower valve is a feature that can be added to a custom shower to control the range of temperatures at which the water comes out of the shower head. This feature is important because it prevents those using the shower from accidentally scalding themselves by allowing the shower water to get too hot. 

Easily reachable shelving

Those with mobility issues may struggle to bend down to pick up shampoo bottles and soap while showering. Having shelving installed at standing level is ideal for avoiding the need to bend down when one is showering. 

Walk-in shower design

Those with mobility issues often benefit from being able to use a walk-in shower. In a walk-in shower, it's not necessary to pick up one's legs in order to enter the shower. This minimizes the exertion required to get a shower. Walk-in showers are ideal for avoiding tripping hazards in your custom shower enclosure design. 

Hand-held shower heads

Hand-held shower heads can be safer because they don't require you to move around to rinse your entire body while you're showering. Hand-held shower heads are convenient and simple to have installed in your custom shower enclosure.

To explore options for your shower, contact a custom shower enclosure service in your area.